Figure 6.

Long-term production of isobutyraldehyde with a gas stripping system. (A) Total accumulated production of isobutyraldehyde (green) and isobutanol (blue). (B) Daily productivity of isobutyraldehyde (green) and isobutanol (blue). (C) Time profiles of cell growth. (D) Concentrations of isobutyraldehyde (green) and isobutanol (blue) in the production culture to determine effectiveness of product removal by the system. (E) Daily glucose consumption of the culture. (F) Time profile of pH of the production culture. pGR03 (alsS, ilvC, and ilvD) and pSA129 (kivd) were introduced to AL626. Cells were inoculated 1% (vol/vol) from the overnight culture and grown in 100 mL production media (M9 media containing 5 g/L yeast extract and 50 g/L glucose). Every 24 hours, 10% of culture was removed for analysis, and replaced with production media containing 370 g/L glucose (dilutes to 37 g/L/d). Error bars represent the standard deviation of triplicate experiments.

Rodriguez and Atsumi Microbial Cell Factories 2012 11:90   doi:10.1186/1475-2859-11-90
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