Figure 3.

Aggregation signal measured as luminescence in samples of the RI expression library consisting of 45 different expression vectors propagated in E. coli RV309 pibpfxsT7lucA in 96 microwell plates by the EnBase® technology 7 hours after induction. The lower graph (A) represents luminescence values, reflecting tagged RI protein misfolding stress levels of all expression systems 7 hours after induction with 0.5 mM IPTG. The luminescence values generated by overexpressed luciferase are derived from luciferase activity measurement from cultures performed at 37°C (full set of values displayed) fragments of results derived from cultures performed at 30 and 22°C, for which only the soluble fusion protein giving expression platforms are presented. The bars are numbered in respect to the expression system: 1 - pCT7, 2 - pClac, 3 - pCVar, 4 - pCUT7, 5 - pCUlac, 6 - pCUvar, 7-pCTUT7, 8-pCTUlac, 9-CTUVar. The upper graphs (B, C and D represent soluble fusion protein amounts in mg per gram of cell dry weight [mg (gCDW)-1], of the cultures with the 6 × His-MBP-RI fusion constructs at 37°C 30°C and 22°C which gave the lowest luminescence signal.

Šiurkus et al. Microbial Cell Factories 2010 9:35   doi:10.1186/1475-2859-9-35
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